Import Ticketmatic events into Theater WP

Jeero makes it very easy to import your Ticketmatic events into Theater WP. No more copy-pasting but always up-to-date information on your website, including dates, prices and ticketing.

Ticketmatic is a popular ticketing solution for theaters in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Theatre WP is a premium WordPress theme for theaters. Its unique features and functionalities make it the ideal solution for websites dedicated to theater, arts and other similar activities. It is suited for any type of theater, ballet, arts gallery and others.

In this guide, you will connect your WordPress website to Ticketmatic. Next, you will sync your events with the Theater WP plugin. When completed, you will have a website for your organisation with an always up-to-date overview of your events, including dates, prices and ticketing.


  1. Make sure you have a working WordPress website.
  2. Ask Ticketmatic for your organisations public en secrets keys by sending an email to with the following text:

    Dear Ticketmatic,

    Please send me the public key and secret key for <account>. I need them to show our Ticketmatic events on our WordPress website using the Jeero plugin.

  3. Make sure that you have some events with active ticket sales in Ticketmatic.

Step 1 – Install Jeero

  1. Go to Plugins → Add new in the WordPress admin.
  2. Look for ‘jeero’.

  3. Install and activate the Jeero plugin.

You now have a new Jeero menu-item in the WordPress admin.

Step 2 – Install Theater WP

Step 3 – Start the sync

  1. Go to Jeero in the WordPress admin.
  2. Click on ‘Start new sync’
  3. Select Ticketmatic in the Ticketing solution field.
  4. Select Theater WP in the Calendar plugin field.
  5. Click on Save Changes.
  6. Enter your Account Name, Public Key and Secret Key.

  7. Click on Save Changes.

  8. Check the correct Saleschannels and Pricetypes in the corresponding fields.

  9. Click on Save Changes.

The sync is now active. Your events will be visible in Theater WP within 5 minutes:

Step 4 – Show your events on your website

Step 5 – Choose the right plan

The free plan for Jeero lets you sync up to 10 upcoming events at any given time. Perfect for small organisations and testing purposes.

Does your organisation have more events?

Please contact me for information about one the paid plans.


In this tutorial you learned how to connect Theater WP to Ticketmatic and automatically publish all your events on your WordPress website. Jeero takes care of the sync between the two and keeps you from manually copy-pasting all the event-details after every update.

I hope this guide was useful to you. If you need any more information, don't hesitate to contact me . I am also curious to know if there are any ticketing solutions of calendar plugin that I should add.