Import Chaplin films into Modern Events Calendar

Importing Chaplin films into Modern Events Calendar is a breeze with Jeero. Instead of manually copying and pasting information, your website will always have up-to-date information, including dates, prices, and ticketing.

Chaplin by Nutid AB is a ticketing solution for Swedish cinemas.

Modern Events Calendar is a popular WordPress calendar plugin with a stylish and practical design.

This tutorial will show you how to connect your WordPress website to Chaplin. You will then import your films into the Modern Events Calendar plugin. When finished, you will have a website that provides an always-updated overview of your films, including full descriptions, categories and prices.


  1. Check that your WordPress website is up and running.
  2. Ask you Chaplin contact for your Chaplin API base URL.

  3. Ask Chaplin to whitelist Jeero’s IP address:

Step 1 – Install Modern Events Calendar

  1. Ga in de WordPress Admin naar PluginsToevoegen.
  2. Zoek op ‘modern events calendar’.
  3. Installeer en activeer Modern Events Calendar plugin.

Je ziet nu een nieuw Events menu-item in de WordPress Admin.

Step 2 – Install Jeero

  1. Go to Plugins → Add new in the WordPress admin.
  2. Look for ‘jeero’.
    DashboardPostsMediaPagesCommentsAppearancePluginsInstalled pluginsAdd NewPlugin Editor Add plugins Keyword jeeroJeero Install now Install now
  3. Install and activate the Jeero plugin.

Step 3 – Start the sync

Chaplin imports to Modern Events Calendar are currently only available upon request. Please contact me for further instruction.

Step 4 – Show your events on your website

Step 5 – Choose the right plan

Jeero's free plan allows you to sync up to ten upcoming films at any given time. Ideal for small organisations and testing purposes.

Is your organisation hosting more films?

Paid plans begin at € 25 per month or € 240 per year and allow you to sync up to 500 upcoming films.

Upgrade Jeero now


In this tutorial, you learned how to connect Modern Events Calendar to Chaplin and have all of your films automatically published on your WordPress website. Jeero handles the synchronization between the two and saves you from manually copy-pasting all of the film details after each update.

I hope you found this guide useful. If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me . I'm also curious if there are any ticketing or calendar plugins that I should include.